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Unlawful Detainers
An unlawful detainer is used when a person takes possession your property with consent (but without an agreement to pay rent), the consent is withdrawn, and then the person refuses to leave. Compared to the average eviction case, unlawful detainers tend to be more complicated… so they take longer, are more costly, and are more likely to be contested.

Unlawful detainers come up in a few different ways, but the most common situation is when someone lets a friend or family member move into their property, the consent is withdrawn, and then the friend or family member refuses to leave. Once the friend or family member establishes the property as their residence, the police will generally refuse to remove them from the property as a trespasser.

Since this type of case does not involve a landlord/tenant relationship, the County Court does not have jurisdiction to handle this situation as an eviction pursuant to Chapter 83 of the Florida Statutes. Instead, the proper course of action is to file an unlawful detainer action in County Court pursuant to Chapter 82 of the Florida Statutes.

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