Stalking is defined as making repeated, unwanted contact with a person in a way that makes them feel reasonably afraid for their safety or the safety of their loved ones. Stalking can include contacting the victim personally, or can include communication or attempts at communication via email, phone, and third parties. It can also include threats and harassment, however, these do not necessarily have to take place in order to be charged with stalking.
In the State of Florida, many people are charged with the crime of stalking every day. Sadly, many people who have been charged with stalking have truly done nothing of the sort. Stalking charges often stem from jealousy, anger, bitterness and a desire for revenge on the part of the accuser. Even if there is some truth to the claim, in many cases, the accusations are grossly exaggerated. If you have been charged with stalking in Florida, you need an attorney with vast experience and a sharp skill set in order to counter the claims against you. Pensky & Kim, Attorneys At Law, have successfully represented a number of individuals who have been accused of stalking.
After investigating your case thoroughly, we will use every tactic available in order to convince the court of your innocence or have the charges against you dropped. We will make every effort to aggressively protect your freedom and rights and keep you out of jail.
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