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Whether you own one property or one hundred properties, Pensky & Kim can assist you in a variety of landlord/tenant and real property matters including, but not limited to, the following: 

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Investing in real property and becoming a landlord is a great way to make money. However, for many people, being a landlord can turn into a nightmare. The following are some of the most common landlord/tenant problems:

  • Tenants who don’t pay their rent on time
  • Tenants who don’t pay their rent in full
  • Tenants who don’t pay their rent at all
  • Tenants who damage and/or destroy your property
  • Tenants who engage in criminal and/or dangerous behavior
  • Tenants who break and/or violate other terms of their lease
  • Tenants who refuse to leave after their lease has expired or been terminated
If you have been dealing with any of these problems, you should know that the Florida legal system has a specific procedure (eviction) for removing a non-complying tenant from your property. We are qualified to handle any type of tenant eviction… Residential (Standard), Residential (Section 8), and Commercial. We understand that both time and money are of the essence, so we always strive to resolve your eviction problem as quickly as possible and at a reasonable price.

Please note: You cannot simply change the locks or shut off the utilities. This kind of “self-help eviction” could leave you open to a claim of wrongful eviction and substantial civil liability. 

Hire a Professional
Finally, beware of the many low-cost eviction “helpers” or “paralegals” out there. These non-lawyer services will charge you a small fee to help you fill out a few forms and give you some very basic information that is available for free all over the internet. However, if and when something goes wrong, these non-lawyer services can do nothing for you and will instead refer you an “affiliated attorney” who will charge you additional fees to clear up their mess. Your eviction case could end up getting delayed and/or dismissed, and you could be held responsible for your tenant’s attorney’s fees and costs.

Only a licensed attorney can handle the entire eviction process for you, including all necessary court filings and all necessary court hearings/motions (should the eviction become a contested matter). Considering that your rental property is probably one of your most valuable assets, it is important to make sure that you hire a professional with the knowledge, experience, and legal authority to be able to protect your rights from beginning to end.

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